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    In Grand Rapids, MN
    Lake Woods Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM offers a variety of services to maintain and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Serving Grand Rapids, Northland & Duluth, MN

The CDJR service center would like to thank you for your interest in our company. You can be secure in the knowledge that all of our automotive technicians are dealership certified professionals operating with precision in their particular brand of vehicles. Each technician goes through a rigorous training program designed to teach them the skills necessary to perform tasks appropriate to his or her make of car. This includes ongoing educational efforts, along with a suitable chain of command all the way up to the service center manager and above.

While many technicians and mechanics at smaller facilities can work on a variety of vehicles, it's important to understand the benefits of true brand experts. According to Edmunds, those consumers using factory-trained service technicians have greater outcomes. There is also the added advantage that their skilled expertise can more readily identify problems that may occur down the road with your specific model from the manufacturer.

Automotive Service, Maintenance & Repair

Every car owner or lessee faces challenges with his or her vehicle regardless of its lifespan. Whether within its warranty period or having had that time frame pass, cars will always be in need of service. Perhaps the first type of automotive service a new car buyer will face is the standard oil change. It can vary from make to make, but the automotive center will outline a proper time frame for this service to be performed. It is extremely crucial for one to follow these guidelines, not just to keep the car running smoothly, but for the importance of resale value as well.

Throughout the life of your car, you'll see a little signal light up on your dashboard multiple times. This is the check engine light. While there can be numerous reasons this light comes on, Bankrate states that it's imperative that you do not ignore its significance. Oftentimes automobile owners will simply bring the vehicle to the local repair shop, automotive parts store or even attempt to diagnose the problem themselves. This has the potential of saving money, but can also detrimentally damage the car with wrong diagnoses or even over-diagnoses. The dealership will work its due diligence to ensure what needs to be done, gets done. Whether it's as simple as a tire rotation or as complicated as a blown head gasket, working with the CDJR service center is always the intelligent choice.

Quality OEM/Mopar Parts

One of the most crucial advantages to using our CDJR service center versus other mechanic shops is the use of quality OEM parts. Making use of original equipment manufacturer components instead of aftermarket parts can make the difference in the life of the car and its continued value. While OEM parts can be more expensive, they usually are backed up by a warranty. According to Edmunds, there are numerous quality concerns as well regarding aftermarket items.

We pride ourselves here at Lake Woods CDJR service center. Catering to the needs of our clients is of the utmost importance. With our certified technicians, strong base of knowledge and use of OEM parts, we strive to give you the attention you deserve and the service you demand. We hope this allows us your loyalty as a valued customer and the continued use of Lake Woods Service Center.

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