Exploring the History of the RAM Logo

The grille of a RAM truck is one that is highly recognizable and has a long history behind it. In 1931, an art professor by the name of Avard T. Fairbanks was commissions by the American automaker to design a hood ornament for the brand.

A mountain ram was eventually selected, because they are "masters of the trail and not afraid of even the wildest animals". This is exactly the kind of spirit that a capable new RAM truck embodies, and why the emblem is still found on all models today.


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While the RAM logo and lineup may have received a few tweaks over the years, the brand continues to offer some of the toughest trucks around. To find a truck that meets your driving demands, we invite you to visit our Grand Rapids, MN dealership. A member of our staff will happily help match you with the truck of your dreams, and find you a great financing deal!

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